How Recruiro works?

Firstly there is need to create your account on Recruiro. Your company has to be on Europe and you has to be a VAP payer to succesfull registration. It is advisable to read the business conditions and then fill in all the required information. You will be logged in your Recruiro account after registration.

Create new job

You could create new job from template or your own. There is necessary to buy product Job template for create complete job opening from template. Product Job emplate you could buy as part of some package with jobs. After crediting the payment to our bank account, the number of purchased products will be updated. You will find your active products by click on picture of wallet, which is on upper right corner of the screen.

After creating a job position, either in the form of a pre-prepared template, which consists of tests suitable for the job position, or you have decided to create your own job position, you can supplement these tests with tests from individual templates. To buy test there is need to buz test template product.

We recommended add information about job position to description of job.The conditions that the applicant must meet in order to apply for a job position should also be written there. It is also appropriate to mention the place of work there. (A foreigner from another country can also complete the test, and a computer or smart phone is enough.)

If programs other than the application itself are required to pass the tests for job, please list them. Job applicants may want to take the test from a mobile device and not be able to open other programs.

Make sure that you have everything filled in correctly before publishing a job. The content of the job position can be found in the section Job > Overview. No changes can be made after the job has been published. You must have purchased the "Job" product to publish job.

By publishing the test, you will get a link to this job position, which you will publish to the places where you list job positions.

Completing tests

After you publish the link to the job position available to the candidates (to your site, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, job advertisement ...), the candidates can start filling in the test. They have the time of your choice to complete the test section. The total time to complete one test is given by the sum of the time for each section and the breaks between sections, which are a total of 5 minutes each. (If they have 3 tests, the total time for a break will be 10 minutes.) Each test must be completed as a whole and after completing the test (not the test section) the candidate will find out if he / she has met the conditions for completing the next test (he / she has met the required minimum of points or can pass it after assigning manually corrected questions).

The job applicant will not see the correct answers, in which question he made a mistake or how many points he received for the test.

When the job applicant successfully completes all the tests (or at least can reach the minimum after adding points for manually corrected questions) he will see a form where he fills in personal data if he is interested in a job position. You have access to the individual completed tests in the results, which you will find in each job position in the Job > Results.

Vyhodnocování výsledků

You will find the completed tests for the published job position, in the Job > Results. These are sorted by two criteria. The first is the results of tests that are not yet complete and some questions need to be corrected manually. For tests that are from the template, we offer the option of correcting the question by recruiro if you are not sure whether the candidate's answer is correct. You has to have package Repair by Recruiro.Subsequently, the tests are ranked according to the number of points of the candidate for the completed tests.

Interview invitation

You can also invite candidates for an interview. Just click to the Invite to interview button for the candidate and fill in the date and time for the interview and fill in the place where the interview will take place. The Address of an interview is the place to come for a personal meeting. If you want to conduct the interview online, enter the type of communication where the candidate should register to Type of electronic communication. At the interview, we recommend verifying with a few questions from the test that this is the candidate, who fill the test. If the question in the test answered correctly without cheating, he / she should be able to answer correctly again.

The candidate will receive an email and after logging in to their profile he/she can confirm or reject the date of the meeting. Whether an appointment has been accepted or declined will appear in the results. After selecting the candidate, emails will be automatically sent to all unsuccessful candidates and the successful candidate will receive an email about the success. The job closes and you can find it in archived tests.

Contact us

If you were looking for an answer to your question and did not find it here or in the Frequently Asked Questions section, please contact us using the form at the bottom of the page. We wish you good luck with finding finding capable employees.

Team Recruiro